segunda-feira, 30 de outubro de 2006

personality test

bem, isso vai em ingles por que o assunto todo esta em ingles tambem.

this is my personal dna report. it's a very cool personality test and i recommend anyone who likes taking statistical tests to do it as well:

if you want to take the test, just click "take the test" on the top.

plus, if you do take it, there's a resource to try to "psych" some one's else personality, doing the same test as you were them. after you do it, you can compare your result to the person's own test. if you want to do it for me, you'll need this link:

the site is really, really confusing when it gets to that psychyou-psychme part. hopefully they will fix it soon, but until then, unlike they tell us in the beginning (by the end of the first test we take), we would need to have an extra bookmark: both that first report and the result from the psych as another bookmark, because it contains links that should be in the first bookmark, but are not.

plus there's another link that you're supposed to give to the person you tried to "psych" in the end. if both do psych each other, that link will give a "reciprocate" link, which is not located in any prior bookmark. but that's not really needed to add to bookmark since you can get it from the second one.

i find myself quite paranoid just to post all this... but i find it a cool thing to add to a resume. only i don't know how to blend it into my resume's layout just yet.

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just ready now... if you do understanding, say for me ... but what happening?